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Jil Sander spring summer 2020

Jil Sander spring summer 2020

Jil Sander presents the Spring/Summer 2020 collection in Paris. The bellwether for minimalist luxury, Jil Sander has always pushed a simple mantra of beautiful clothes for a sophisticated consumer. This collection showed us how formal attire like suiting, coats, and shirting can be parred back and worn casually in the daytime.

Oversized pants, shirting, and knitwear drape over a relaxed silhouette influenced by the looser fits found around the Mediterranean. Tassels extend from luxurious knitwear and reach down to the floor.  These knits are often layered underneath sleeveless coats which offers a dynamic but appropriate layering for the warmer months. Only in the way Jil Sander could do it, a lapel-less blazer walks with a shirt untucked, offering a silhouette that is simultaneously minimal, formal, but also casual and effortless.

While most of the collections’ color palette remains reserved to navy, maroon, whites, and shades of grey, there is a moment of iridescent bliss that takes shape on an oversized shirt and coat that is sure to turn heads. This is a strong and desirable collection from the house that is arguably a thought leader in offering sophisticated and luxurious ready-to-wear for men and women.

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