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JORDANLUCA spring summer 2023

JORDANLUCA spring summer 2023

jordanluca ss23

JORDANLUCA presents the spring summer 2023 collection under the name ‘SABOTAGE.’ The collection takes inspiration from the macabre of summer and fatal attractions. Self destruction becomes a premise for an inventive and renegade collection. Punk rock motifs create a dialogue with traditional menswear silhouettes. Hard edge club moments contrast against summery looks.

“There are scar-like zips across suiting, placed crudely and ready to be ripped open in mimicry of the ripping off of a scab when, in a moment of torment someone longs for the purging feeling of pain. We’re taking something beautifully finished and then rending it asunder.

This is radical self-sabotage translated into clothing. There are flavours of glam-punk, with los of silks and metallics, fiery tones and the JORDANLUCA mainstays like kilts, bomber jackets, suiting and extended trousers that drag at the back to create a long, languid silhouette.”

See the full JORDANLUCA spring summer 2023 show below.
Instagram: @jordanluca

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