Julien Dossena’s Visionary Collection for Rabanne Summer 2024 Blends Past, Present, and Future

September 29, 2023

Paco Rabanne womenswear Summer 2024

Julien Dossena brings a groundbreaking Summer 2024 collection to Rabanne, weaving bygone times with threads of future visions with ancient relics with anticipated future worlds.

Dossena’s work is rooted in the now, revisiting ancient handcrafts and portraying them through modern lenses, breathing life into powerful heroines. It’s a journey through time, with traditional garments adorned with metallic accents, whispering stories of civilizations past in each fold, each bead, each thread. The looks, rich with detail, simultaneously echo a grunge attitude and resonate with bygone elegance, paying homage to the iconic fashion pieces of the past.

Ethereal Drapery

The draping mimics antique statuary, capturing light and shadow in delicate folds, paying tribute to Sheila Hicks with layered fiber volumes in knit and woven textures, creating a symphony of tactile experiences. In this collection, skin is a canvas, experiencing the subtle dance of metal mesh, the touch of wood discs, and the softness of feathers, painted in shades beyond the conventional Rabanne palette, inviting a new dimension of mystical elegance.

Iconic Imagery

Dossena celebrates iconic imagery with “Nues,” reviving the poetic and erotic visions of Jean Clemmer and Paco Rabanne.

Julien Dossena's Summer 2024 collection for Rabanne is a vivid journey through time, blending elegance of the past with future trends. It's a dance of light and shadow, a living, breathing expression of beauty and transformation. Discover more at