Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2024: Where Sculpture and Fashion Intertwine

October 4, 2023

Junya Watanabe Spring Summer 2024, pret a porter, Womenswear

Amid the vibrant energy of Paris Fashion Week, renowned designer Junya Watanabe unveiled a collection that melded form and fabric into an unanticipated narrative. A name synonymous with innovation, Watanabe's SS24 creations were more than just fashion—they were an artistic statement.

Creating Wearable Sculptures

In the realm of fashion, where trends frequently come and go, Watanabe has charted an antithetical course. Amid the industry’s shift towards casual wear transformed into high fashion by brands like Balenciaga and Vetements, Watanabe distinguishes himself as a designer dedicated to making the conceptual tangible. From elaborate designs to cutting-edge presentations, every look he presents on the runway unfolds like a page from another chapter of his artistic canon.

Drawing inspiration from the all-black ensembles that evoke the explosive essence of Cornelia Parker’s “Cold Dark Matter” or the sculptures of Robert Morris, to the innovative use of denim as a sculptural medium, each piece stands as a testament to Watanabe’s genius.

Runway Highlights

Watanabe's runway paraded many memorable pieces and approach materiality with a fresh perspective whether denim or classic fabrications such as Chanel tweed.

    • The Opening Look: A fashion-forward deconstructed piece that echoed contemporary sculpture
    • Look 12: With its dystopian nuances and wearable design, this coat was a highlight.
    • Look 32: A mix of denim spikes highlighted the show's theme, perfectly balancing edge with elegance.
    • Look 36 & 41: A nod to the timeless Chanel tweed, with Watanabe's unique touch—one modernized, the other purposefully deconstructed.

A Season of Collaborations

    • Levi’s: A marriage of denim and design brought forth uniquely styled pants and skirts, a fresh take on craftsmanship.
    • Innerraum: Merging exceptional bags with Watanabe's artistic designs resulted in standout accessories.
    • Abel Emmanuel: This South African 3D artist's punk aesthetics added a unique touch, especially evident in the commercial pieces.
    • Jakob Holst Rasmussen: Tattoos met textiles (tights) in a novel way as the Aarhus-based artist's neo-traditional patterns adorned tights, marking a blend of ink and fabric.

Junya Watanabe's Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a tribute to the power of art and the brilliance of a visionary. Witness the luminescence of his creativity and discover more at