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KidSuper Studios x Modelo ‘Fighting Spirit’

KidSuper Studios x Modelo ‘Fighting Spirit’

Modelo partners with LVMH Prize winner, KidSuper, on their latest “Fighting Spirit” collection. The first installation of Modelo’s Fighting Spirit campaign was with the L.A. based shop 424. Today, KidSuper presents their own take on the popular beverage brand by way of the underground soccer clubs in New York and Brooklyn.

The collection features a soccer jersey set, track suit and duffle bag. There is a sweepstakes that can be entered here.

“To me, this collection was all about highlighting the shared passion points of soccer, art, and fashion between KidSuper Studios and Modelo, as well as pushing creative boundaries, an approach that has served me well in my journey through the fashion world.

Many people have come to know me and KidSuper Studios through innovative works in the street wear space, but what they may not know is that I am an ex professional footballer, whose love of the game still runs very deep. So deep, in fact, that I am exploring the development of a new KidSuper soccer complex based in New York City in the near future.

What excited me most about designing the KidSuper x Modelo Fighting Spirit collection was the unique opportunity to channel my primary profession in a way that serves my true love of soccer, and to showcase what the fighting spirit means to me.” 

Colm Dillan, KIDSUPER

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