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King Princess announces new forthcoming album

King Princess announces new forthcoming album

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If you haven’t heard of King Princess, her new single ‘Ain’t Together’ is the perfect segue into the mind of music’s next big star. Already a genderqueer icon, King Princess has achieved a lot since her debut single, ‘1950’ released in February of 2018. The song caught the attention of Harry Styles who tweeted about it. She then released Make My Bed, the first EP from the artist, in June of 2018. Now after playing a string of festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, King Princess is ready to release her first album, Cheap Queen on October 25th. Take a listen from the first single, ‘Ain’t Together’ below.

‘Do you think labels make it taste much better? Darling do you think if I talk enough / I will make you want to be mine?’ These personal lyrics show a different side from the Queen of Indie Pop. In ‘Ain’t Together,’ the Brooklyn singer is trying to convince her lover to put a label on their affection; an ode to today’s dating life?

The ‘1950’ singer teased the release of her new song the day before on Twitter. Her tour begins on October 5th in Dallas, Texas and has already sold out in many major cities across the nation.

photo credit: Vince Aung

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