Koch House of Design Invites You to A Bespoke Approach in a Fast Fashion World

February 6, 2024

A grayscale image of a sewing setup from Koch House of Design, featuring a spool of white thread, a sewing needle, a thimble, and a black fabric label with "Koch House of Design" written in white cursive and block letters.

Originating in 17th century Europe, the term 'bespoke' emerged as patrons personally chose fabrics for their garments.  These selected fabrics were then considered "spoken for," signaling the commencement of the tailor's task to meticulously craft a completely personalized piece for the client.

In our current era of fast fashion and outsourced production, the concept of bespoke tailoring is often perceived as an ideal reserved for fashion capitals and glamorous runways. Koch House of Design not only challenges this narrative, but actively reshapes and redefines it.

Kevin Koch, owner of Koch House of Design

Kevin Koch, owner of Koch House of Design, has dedicated 4 decades to perfecting the art of bespoke clothing. Each interaction with his clients is a tactile experience. 

From handpicking the fabrics and taking precise measurements to crafting the masterpiece with the individual in focus, Koch produces a one-of-a-kind piece the client can cherish for a lifetime. The garments crafted in-house at Koch House of Design go beyond suits and luxury items, also including everyday wear and accessories.

Stained Glass Windows in Koch House of Design 

Nestled in the town of Goshen, Indiana, Koch House of Design challenges the idea that bespoke clothing is exclusive to Hollywood and Fifth Avenue. Koch has created a Midwestern community hub, operating from a refurbished church that perfectly embodies the distinctive and charming services provided. 

Complete with towering stained glass windows, Victorian furniture, and Gothic Revival design, Koch seeks to create a multisensory experience for every person that walks through the door. 

Luxury Weekend Wear by Koch House of Design

As the spotlight on sustainability intensifies and criticism of fast fashion grows, embracing bespoke is our means of reconnecting with our roots and valuing artisanal craftsmanship.

 Koch holds the conviction that bespoke should be accessible to everyone. While traditional tailored ensembles endure for their timeless appeal, Koch equally delights in crafting casual looks with a touch of luxury. 

According to Koch, fashion need not solely revolve around three-piece suits; even a finely tailored jacket, described as "just something a cut above," can make a significant difference.

Kevin Koch, Hand Embroidering a Garment on a 1928 Singer 

Koch's mastery extends to the art of hand embroidery, where intricate efforts result in garments that are not only highly detailed and beautiful, but also uniquely tailored to each individual's request. 

Every stitch and cut is thoroughly attended to by an artisan dedicated to the highest standard of their craft, ensuring that each creation is a testament to skill and personalized excellence.

Schedule a fitting appointment and visit the Koch House of Design for an unforgettable experience.

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