Koché fall winter 2023

March 6, 2023

KOCHÉ presents the fall winter 2023 collection in Paris.

Collection Notes

Every season, there's a magical moment where an idea becomes a reality, and intuition takes shape. For KOCHÉ, this moment happens in the studio - the place where all things come together before the collection starts to travel elsewhere.

The FW23 collection is no exception - all the images were shot in KOCHÉ's studio, where the clothes come to life. This season, the collection clearly identifies some of the strong KOCHÉ signatures and revisits them, bringing fresh perspectives to Christelle Kocher's passion for design.More daring, more precise, more intimate, the collection focuses on knitwear.

This versatile textile is declined into sweaters, dresses, hats, scarfs... Knitwear at KOCHÉ highlights artisanal techniques and comfort aspects that add a touch of fluidity to the volumes. All made in Italian wool, these pieces are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Additionally, the collection places a strong emphasis on dresses, which have always been one of Christelle Kocher's signatures.

Inspired by Madame Grès and Madame Vionnet, the dresses are both timeless and contemporary, the cuts are more structured, bringing a new dimension to the KOCHÉ aesthetic.

Finally, the collection features a motorcycle motif inspired by the German artist Alexandra Birchen. This bold and edgy addition brings an attitude to the ensemble that is both daring and unique. Contemporary Art is a major influence in KOCHÉ, a way of creating beautiful clashes between cultures, between the speed of our time and the gentleness necessary to live there.And like every season, unique pieces were created in the studio.

A touch of Haute Couture like this special multicoloured coat made with Lemarié feathers on an organza’s mousseline and airtex base. Hours and hours of work that represent a strong aspect of KOCHÉ, the alliance of couture flamboyance and modern attitude.We invite you to experience the FW23 collection from KOCHÉ and discover the magic that comes from the intersection of passion, creativity, and craftsmanship.

The Truth is balance. However the Opposite of Truth, which is Unbalance, may not be a lie.

Susan Sontag

KOCHÉ Fall Winter 2023 Collection