Larray unveils GIRLIESXO starring Bella Poarch, Lilhuddy & Valkyrae

July 2, 2021

One of the brightest shining stars of social media, Larray, announces the launch of the second season of his brand, GIRLIESXO, in an exclusive preview with RAIN. Inspired by his fan base, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Prada, and Off-White, the vibrant capsule collection offers hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and more. This season Larray collaborated with some of his close friends including, Bella Poarch, LILHUDDY, Valkyrae, Vinnie Hacker, and Daniel Seavey from the band Why Don't We (who previously ran on the cover of RAIN).


“I’m so excited that my latest GIRLIESXO capsule collection is finally available,” says Larray. “This was inspired by my love of anime and was created over the past year while in quarantine. It was so much fun collaborating with all my friends on the photoshoot for this drop and I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. Go get you some new clothes, girlies!” 


Mark Benjamin: What inspired the idea to do a clothing line? What sets it apart from everything else that's out there?

Larray: I’m a huge anime fan and am always watching Naruto and Hunter x Hunter. I’ve also been a fan of Pokémon since a young age and have always been in love with Japanese culture. Truly would be a dream trip. In my latest capsule collection I tapped into this inspiration to create my own world. To top it off, I coordinated a shoot with some friends such as Bella Poarch, Vinnie Hacker, and Valkyrae to model it.  It was a lot of fun!

Bella Poarch and Valkyrae for GIRLIESXO

MB: Are there designers you look to for inspiration or that you admire?

Larray: Yes! I really love Prada and Off-White. One of my favorite clothing items right now are the Prada boots. They can be dressed up or down and are a great accent piece to anything you’ve got on. I have them in both black and white. 

MB: Do you have a favorite piece from the upcoming drop?

Larray: My favorite piece is the red hair girl design on the black hooded sweatshirt.  I really loved creating the design for this one. I’m constantly watching anime and have always dreamed of creating characters of my own. I’m really proud of this collection and how I was able to combine my fashion line with my love for anime! 

Daniel Seavey of Why Don't We and Larray for GIRLIESXO


MB: Girlies is a great name! This is what you call your fans right? Are they who you have in mind when you're designing?

Larray: I’m always thinking about my fans. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and I owe it all to them. I’ve been truly blown away by their continued support in everything I do, like my Girlies line. I always want to create unique items that are different from previous drops and I really think I made something special with this one. 



MB: I read that anime was sort of a cornerstone for the collection. What are some of your favorites and what about them has made them so impactful to you?

Larray: Like I mentioned, Naruto and Hunter x Hunter are my two favorite shows. I rewatched Hunter x Hunter during quarantine and overall with anime I'm really inspired by the colors, characters and worlds that the talented artists are able to create. I wanted to tap into that inspo for my new Girlies collection. 

MB: It's pride month. You recently hosted Facebook's Pride On! video event and you had your grandma dancing on the roof of a double decker bus! Tell me about why it was important for you to be involved and spread the good word?

Larray: That was so much fun! Kehlani is amazing, and I've always been a fan, so being able to co-host with her was such an incredible experience. With my social media, I've always sought to create a welcoming environment and inspire people to be who they truly are. This pride month, I hope everyone out there can look in the mirror and celebrate who they are and be proud of that. I’m proud of YOU! 

Vinnie Hacker for GIRLIESXO

MB: I think you send a positive message with a lot of what you do, sort of opening the minds of a lot of young people that it's OK to be yourself. What do you want people to ultimately walk away with?

Larray: If anyone can walk away from my channel or social pages and be more confident in who they are, then I would consider that a success. Th;ank you to everyone who has inspired and supported me over the years and I hope I’m able to pass that along and encourage others to be true to themselves.