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LeWitt & Lerisse

LeWitt & Lerisse

©Sol LeWItt, Geometric figure, 1980

Opening July 13th at Treignac Projet, is a gallery exhibition focusing on the works of Sol LeWitt, credited as a founder of the conceptual art movement, and Chrystèle Lerisse, a contemporary photographer whose work has said to nearly transcend into other mediums. Displayed together, the show seeks to unlock new meanings and dialogue between the artists.

The exhibition LeWitt & Lerisse presents important drawings by Sol LeWitt alongside the contemporary photographs of Chrystèle Lerisse, an artist based in the remote landscape of rural France. Against the backdrop of political change, movement and the insecurity of our historical moment, the exhibition explores the use of systems by the two artists alongside the affective force of their work. The comparability of the two artists, separated by more than just generations and continents, is centered around the artists’ use of programs and series, which are considered as primary and take precedence over the objects and meanings they transmit. Beyond the mechanic simplicity of their programs, they code a deeply complex modeling of our historical world through its mood or ‘vibe.’

The show will be on display until September 15th.

Treignac projet
2 rue Ignace Dumergue
Treignac 19260

Text and images courtesy of Treignac projet.

©Sol LeWItt, Geometric figure, 1980
©Chrystèle Lerisse Sans Titre 2009

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