Liu Yu of INTO1 attended the Shiatzychen show in Paris

March 7, 2023

Liu Yu INTO1

Liu Yu from the band INTO1 appeared in Paris at the Shiatzy Chen fall winter 2023 show. See the exclusive image and video above.

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Liu Yu of INTO1
Liu Yu of INTO1, Rain magazine

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Shiatzy Chen

In 1978, SHIATZY CHEN was established to create ‘neo-Chinese chic’ that emphasized traditional Chinese craftsmanship and fusion of the East and the West to weave a fashion ‘scenescape,’ stitch by stitch.

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia was born in 1951 in Changhua, a city with a rich cultural history. At school she was an eager student who loved to read and earned high marks. But as the eldest daughter of seven children, she had to obtain skills to help the family. She chose to design clothes for a simple reason—to learn a useful craft doing work that she liked. Even though she enjoyed school, she left after primary school to start working. Her early accomplishments, while already beyond her loftiest ambitions, were merely a prelude to those to come. 

Growing up, young Tsai-Hsia could only dream of wearing the pretty frocks she saw in shops. She might not have been able to afford such fine things, but with skill and perseverance, she could learn to make them.