LOEWE and On Unveil the Cloudtilt: The Ultimate Lifestyle Shoe

October 12, 2023

In a groundbreaking new partnership, LOEWE announces its collaboration with renowned Swiss shoemaker, On, to introduce the Cloudtilt. Designed as the ultimate lifestyle shoe for those always on the move, the Cloudtilt beautifully marries meticulous design with Swiss precision.

LOEWE Cloudtilt Campaign by Thibaut Grevet

Revolutionary Design & Technology

The Cloudtilt's pioneering design, featuring sequentially collapsing Clouds, dynamically adapts to the wearer’s stride, ensuring fluid weight transition from heel to toe. A standout feature is the incorporation of CloudTec® Phase - a computer-aided midsole technology unique to On. Inspired by the boundless potential of movement, it guarantees exceptional cushioning with fewer components, resulting in an ultra-lightweight, comfortable experience. This shoe has also been optimized using Finite Element Analysis software to provide unmatched support.

Sleek Aesthetics & Sustainable Commitment

Visually, the Cloudtilt speaks to modern minimalism with its knitted sock construction, rapid lacing system, and the subtle yet distinct LOEWE × On branding. Beyond aesthetics, it stands as a testament to LOEWE × On’s commitment to sustainability. The outer sole, made mostly from EVA foam, uses rubber only at crucial contact points. The mesh upper is crafted from 99% recycled polyester, and all packaging utilizes 100% recycled industrial materials.

Upcoming Launches

For those awaiting its release, the Cloudtilt will have two distinct drops with varied color palettes. The initial launch in October and a subsequent one in January 2024 offer a plethora of shades for both men and women.

Captivating Campaign

To encapsulate the spirit of the Cloudtilt, a dazzling campaign by Thibaut Grevet highlights the confluence of art, movement, and innovation. Viewers are treated to performances from a diverse set of talents, showcasing the shoe's versatility.

Release Information

Eager buyers can anticipate a pre-launch on on October 11, followed by the official release the next day in select LOEWE and On outlets, as well as on

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