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Loewe Foundation presents: ‘Chance Encounters III’

Loewe Foundation presents: ‘Chance Encounters III’

The Loewe Foundation presents its third exhibition of ‘Chance Encounters’ featuring the works of Richard Smith, Lionel Wendt, and Sara Flynn for Art Basel Miami, 2017. The artists’ works are installed and presented within the unique Loewe store in Miami’s Design District. The monumental 18th century granary from Portugal has become at once the foundation of the store and a metaphor for the brand’s values of celebrating the past, present, and future. Jonathan Anderson, the creative director, selected these three artists whose work encompasses sculpture, ceramics, and photography, spanning from the 1930’s to present day.

In Jonathan’s own words: ‘Art and craft are always at the centre of my creative process
and these exhibitions are an exciting way of exploring artists that are important to me. I love the unexpected things that happen when people from completely different worlds are brought together, the antagonism can create something completely new.’

Photos courtesy of Loewe, BFA, Antonio Parente.

Miami Design District
110 NE 39th Street,
Suite #102 Miami
Florida 33137




Caroline Vreeland, Tiffany Lighty
Chloe Weiss, Daniel Lonnstrom
Chloe Weiss, Daniel Lonnstrom, Dev Hynes, Ana Kras
Danie Gomez Ortigoza, Martha Graeff
Gala Gonzalez, Aimee Song
Jonathan Anderson, Stefano Tonchi
Laura Vandal, Sita Abellan
Luiza Farber
Marvin Ross Friedman, Adrienne Bon Haes
Sara Flynn
Sara Flynn, Jonathan Anderson
Sita Abellan, Aureta

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