LOEWE men’s spring summer 2023

June 27, 2022

loewe mens ss23

Jonathan Anderson presents the LOEWE men's SS23 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week, men's. The extraordinary collection is described as "a fusion of the organic and the fabricated, carried with the bluntly affirmative matter-of-fact tone that is essentially LOEWE."

Still life from the LOEWE men's spring summer 2023 collection

Furthermore, the concept behind the fresh collection, where grass grows on cloth and humans kiss on screens, is perhaps best illustrated by a still life (above) of fungi growing on a printer. This is a collection about the relationship between nature and technology as a pathway to new perspectives. Shown in an all-white space, there is a sterility to the runway setting where models "grow over the horizon and slowly draw near, as an additional organic experience."

The plants

The plants (Chia and Cats wort) that are grown on a series of garments and shoes seen in the show is a result of an experimental process in collaboration with Paula Ulargui Escalona. Over the course of twenty days, nature grew in a specially constructed polytunnel just outside of Paris.

The collection

This season, archetypal shapes are established: the bomber, the hoodie, the sweatshirt, the polo, the shirt, the track pants, the shorts, the waxed jacket, and the parka. "Made in padded nappa, or ozone-treated cotton that makes them look as though they’ve been buried underground. The perfect and the worn out." The color palette employs solid neutrals with bright accents.

A poetic vision seen through digital technology, expanding perceptions and boundaries on the materiality of clothes making. Circularity matters: one way, or the other way around.


Explore the full LOEWE men's SS23 collection, VIP guests, details, still life, and backstage imagery below, courtesy of LOEWE.
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Still life