LOEWE Opens New Store in East Hampton: Where Art, Craft, and Fashion Meet Sustainability

August 3, 2023

Loewe East Hampton

LOEWE unveils its latest store in the picturesque town of East Hampton, New York. Drawing inspiration from the creative director Jonathan Anderson's innovative CASA LOEWE store concept, which seamlessly blends art, craft, and fashion, the 3,000 sq ft space is a visual expression and celebration of sustainable design.

Loewe East Hampton

Relaxed Coastal Ambiance and Refined Luxury

The East Hampton store embraces the relaxed coastal ambiance and refined luxury that appeals to te sophisticated shoppers of the area. Upon entering, visitors are greeted with the warmth and elegance of hand-glazed Spanish tiles that adorn the interior. The tactile charm of the tiles is thoughtfully balanced by calm concrete expanses, reflecting the surrounding coastal atmosphere.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

The store's design focuses on sustainability as LOEWE introduces new, reusable elements. Notably, the store features a modular system designed by Molo Design, consisting of intricate 100% recyclable paper soft blocks. These blocks can be stretched, stacked, and arranged to create mesmerizing displays and shelving surfaces. By incorporating such eco-friendly elements, LOEWE demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a greener future for the fashion industry.

Empowering Artisans and Supporting Women Craftsmanship

The store's design also highlights the brand's dedication to supporting artisanal craftsmanship and empowering women artisans worldwide. Bespoke rugs, handwoven from natural fibers by Colombian women artisans, add splashes of color and texture to the store. Additionally, a series of angular Utrecht armchairs, designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and upholstered in fresh fabrics, contribute to the inviting atmosphere and underscore LOEWE's appreciation for timeless design.

Elevating Elegance with LOEWE's Signature Touch

LOEWE's black iron martini tables and ceramic podiums complete the ambiance, elevating the space with their elegance. The store feels welcoming and inviting, encouraging customers to immerse themselves in the world of LOEWE's exquisite creations.

A Spotlight on Japanese Straw Artist ARKO

One of the notable art highlights in the East Hampton store is the spotlight on a pair of pots crafted by the talented Japanese straw artist ARKO. ARKO was a finalist for the LOEWE Craft Prize 2018, a testament to the brand's commitment to recognizing and supporting exceptional artisanal talent. These pots were created as part of the 2021 LOEWE x Sotheby's project, Weavers, which aimed to reimagine traditional Galician handmade clay pots for roasting chestnuts. ARKO's pieces are bold and playful additions to the summery space, celebrating the convergence of contemporary art and traditional craftsmanship.

A New Standard for Fashion and Sustainability

The opening of the East Hampton store not only marks another milestone in LOEWE's expansion but also reinforces its dedication to sustainability, art, and craftsmanship. By incorporating reusable elements, supporting women artisans, and showcasing remarkable art pieces, LOEWE continues to set a new standard for the fashion industry. This standard values creativity, social responsibility, and environmental consciousness.

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