LOEWE Unveils An Artistic SS24 Campaign Starring Taylor Russell, Yang Mi, and Lim Ji-Yeon

February 8, 2024

Taylor Russell in LOEWE's SS24 campaign, elegantly holding a crystal-embellished mask with pink feathers, wearing a green blouse, brown textured pants, and carrying a sleek black LOEWE bag

LOEWE's Spring Summer 2024 campaign seamlessly blends the realms of art, fashion, and identity, brought to life through the lens of iconic photographer David Sims and enriched by the talents of Taylor Russell, Yang Mi, and Lim Ji-Yeon. Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde ethos of Lynda Benglis, whose monumental sculptures were a highlight at the LOEWE SS24 show, the collection challenges conventional forms, embracing a sculptural approach that breaks new ground.

A Tribute to Innovation and Identity

Taylor Russell

In paying homage to Lynda Benglis, the collection, designed by Jonathan Anderson, not only mirrors the dynamic essence of her sculptures but also translates her groundbreaking approach to materials and form into fashion. The innovative use of textural knits and the architectural draping of dresses are reminiscent of Benglis's exploration of space and volume, challenging and expanding the wearer's notion of identity and self-expression through fashion. Each garment serves as a dialogue between the wearer and Benglis's defiant artistic spirit, offering a canvas for personal expression within the framework of contemporary art and fashion.

The Ensemble's Narrative

Jiyeon Lim

The campaign's narrative is enriched by the distinct interpretations of Russell, Yang, and Lim, whose portrayals resonate deeply with Benglis's iconic works. Beyond their performances, their personal styles and individual aesthetics echo the LOEWE ethos of innovation and elegance. Taylor Russell, known for her eclectic yet sophisticated fashion sense, mirrors the collection's blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern silhouettes. Jiyeon Lim's daring and bold choices in both roles and fashion reflect the collection's avant-garde spirit, inspired by Benglis's unconventional art. Yang Mi, with her blend of contemporary chic and classic glamour, embodies the timeless yet innovative essence of LOEWE, perfectly complementing the brand's past and present.

Yang Mi

Their individual stories, interwoven with the artistic legacy of the collection, are further accentuated by LOEWE's signature accessories, such as the Flamenco Purse and the Puzzle Bag. These pieces, with their intricate designs and innovative forms, draw direct inspiration from Benglis's sculptures. Accessories echo the fluid forms of Benglis's poured latex works, while the geometric complexity of jewelry recalls the artist's layered, textured pieces, showcasing LOEWE's mastery in translating artistic concepts into wearable art.

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Inanimate Actors: Performative Still-Life

In a creative twist, LOEWE reimagines still-life, presenting bags and shoes as dynamic entities full of narrative potential. The Flamenco Purse, Puzzle Bag, Comic Folded Pump, and Campo Mary Jane mule are staged in a way that they seem to come alive, each telling its own story and contributing to the campaign's overarching theme of life as a continuous performance.

As LOEWE unveils the Spring Summer 2024 campaign, it presents a collection that stands at the intersection of art, fashion, and identity. This collection continues LOEWE's dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and the exploration of new narratives within the luxury fashion landscape. By recalling the avant-garde spirit of Lynda Benglis and blending this with the talents of Taylor Russell, Jiyeon Lim, and Yang Mi, LOEWE defines itself as a brand that honors its rich heritage while boldly embracing the future.

We encourage you to experience the meeting of artistry and fashion firsthand, to explore how this collection reflects LOEWE's broader aspirations for the future of fashion. Discover the full range, engage with the stories behind the designs, and become part of this artistic journey by visiting the official LOEWE website, where the legacy of creativity continues to unfold.