LOEWE Unveils ‘Crafted World’ Exhibition in Shanghai

February 5, 2024

A whimsical LOEWE accessory holder brimming with playful items and the 'Crafted World' tag, indicative of their exhibition.

LOEWE, the esteemed luxury fashion house, is delighted to unveil its inaugural grand-scale exhibition, "Crafted World," set to grace the halls of the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in the spring of 2024. This monumental event is a tribute to LOEWE's illustrious history, deep-rooted Spanish heritage, and unwavering dedication to the artisanal craft.

The Genesis of Crafted World

Crafted World is a narrative that spans over a century and a half, encapsulating LOEWE's evolution from a humble leather-making collective established in Madrid in 1846 to its ascension as a global beacon of luxury fashion. Under the visionary curation of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE's Creative Director, the exhibition is an immersive odyssey through the brand's iconic designs and cultural collaborations that have punctuated its storied legacy.

A Journey Through Time and Creativity

The exhibition offers an expansive walkthrough of 178 years marked by creativity, innovation, and an enduring commitment to craftsmanship. From its prestigious role as an official supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown, its strategic integration into the LVMH portfolio, to the pivotal establishment of the LOEWE Foundation, each milestone reflects a chapter in LOEWE's rich tapestry of history.

Immersive Experience in Craftsmanship

Spanning 1,600 square meters, Crafted World is a testament to LOEWE's progressive approach to fashion and its cultivation of a craft culture that transcends generations. The exhibition is designed as an interactive journey that delves into the intricacies of materials and the artistry of techniques. It showcases a myriad of artifacts and artworks that narrate the LOEWE story, from the vibrant landscapes of Spain to the elegance of Paris runways, and into the heart of LOEWE's creative ethos.

Celebrating Global Artisanship

At the core of Crafted World is the celebration of the tactile joy of handcrafting. The exhibition pays homage to a diverse community of artisans and collaborators worldwide, from Indian ribbon-weavers and Ecuadorian tapestry artists to South African basket-makers and Chinese bamboo weavers. This global tapestry of craft highlights the intricate processes behind LOEWE's iconic designs, bringing the audience closer to the essence of true artisanship.

An Invitation to Explore

Crafted World is an open invitation to the public, offering free admission from 22 March to 5 May 2024, before it embarks on a global tour. This exhibition is not just a showcase but a vibrant platform for engaging with LOEWE's heritage, innovation, and the universal language of craft. It's an experience that promises to enchant, educate, and inspire, reflecting LOEWE's enduring legacy and its forward-looking vision in the world of luxury fashion.

For those who cherish the art of fashion and the legacy of luxury craftsmanship, Crafted World by LOEWE in Shanghai is an event not to be missed.