LOEWE’s SS24 Collection: Fashion and Artistic Brilliance with Lynda Benglis

September 29, 2023

LOEWE unveils the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This seasons sees a collaborative masterpiece with the illustrious artist Lynda Benglis, inviting groundbreaking sculptures alongside fashion, as well as introducing a collaborative jewelry collection.

LOEWE SS24 Show space, sculptures by Lynda Benglis

The collection is one of contrasts, where outlines and thoughtfully altered proportions form a new language of daywear that is practical and refined. From blazers to trousers the SS24 season features heightened aesthetics – a meeting of structure and fluidity, echoing Benglis' work.

Sensuous Structures

LOEWE explores the dialectics between rigid elegance and sensual fluidity, intertwining structured knits and sleek leathers to create an array of garments that speak a language of liberated elegance. This visual poetry is accentuated with innovative accessories by Benglis, adding a layer of entropic beauty.

With a palette dominated by subdued hues interrupted by vibrant bursts, each look becomes a study of color and style. The muted shades resonate with expressive splashes, crafting a visual symphony that speaks to the senses.

A ring by LOEWE in collaboration with Lynda Benglis

Art Meets Fashion Through Jewelry

The monumental collaboration with artist Lynda Benglis introduces large-scale bronze sculptures, brings a new dimension to the runway. Benglis, renowned for redefining postwar sculpture, merges form and materiality to challenge and expand the definitions of sculptural art. Her creations for LOEWE are a series of enlarged bronze sculptures, reflecting light in varying ways and creating a dynamic visual landscape.

In this groundbreaking collaboration between LOEWE and Lynda Benglis, jewelry is reinterpreted as wearable sculptures. Each piece, whether it be a transformative ring, cuff, brooch, earring, or pendant, has been crafted by Benglis, reflecting her innovative approach to materiality and form. These pieces are pleated, knotted, poured, and extruded masterpieces that echo the shifting landscapes of fashion and art.

LOEWE extends its innovation to footwear and accessories. Soft-leather bags, and novel footwear punctuate the collection’s minimalist approach with luxurious fluidity, channeling craft and elegance. LOEWE SS24 is a narrative of revolution, a visual dialogue between art and fashion. For a closer exploration visit