LOEWE’s SS24 Precollection with Dakota Fanning, Josh O’Connor & Maggie Smith: The Intersection of Art and Fashion

October 26, 2023

Dakota Fanning in a yellow patterned dress stands against a plain wall, holding three LOEWE tote bags in varying sizes and colors.

LOEWE unveils its Spring Summer 2024 precollection, blending the vivid individualism of various talents with the unmatched artistry of photographer Juergen Teller. The campaign mirrors an ongoing creative conversation between LOEWE's creative director, Jonathan Anderson, and Teller.

The Cast: A Mélange of Stars

The imagery is brought to life by an eclectic ensemble, bridging worlds of music, film, art, and fashion. Spotlighting talents like Greta Lee, Maggie Smith, Dakota Fanning, Mike Faist, Rachel Jones, Fei Fei Sun, and LOEWE Global Ambassadors TAEYONG and Josh O’Connor.

Greta Lee embodies comfort and artistry with a LOEWE handbag in hand.

Setting and Presentation: Raw Reality Meets Luxury

The backdrop is rugged yet resonates with the everyday—be it a red brick wall, a worn-out room, or an empty pool. Amidst this setting, LOEWE's prized accessories, including versions of the Puzzle, the Squeeze, and the Paseo, are nonchalantly showcased.

Dakota Fanning displays the endless possibilities of LOEWE totes in various colors and sizes.

Artistic Collaboration: A Tote to Remember

A standout piece is the Puzzle Fold tote, born from LOEWE's partnership with the Kyoto-based ceramic studio, Suna Fujita. The tote is a canvas for the imaginative realm of Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano, adorned with their fantastical creations.

Mike Faist embodies a relaxed casual attitude against a vibrant floral wallpaper in LOEWE

Signature Styling: Embracing Flawed Beauty

The subjects, clad in reimagined classics from LOEWE's collection, are captured through Teller’s lens that celebrates the imperfect. This styling ethos adds a twist of realism, making the attire both relatable and aspirational.

Maggie Smith embodies classic elegance with the chic choice of a LOEWE handbag

Craftsmanship Redefined: LOEWE's Identity

The images, once crafted, undergo another transformation. They are ripped, placed on white backdrops, and photographed again, turning pictures into meta-pictures. This adds a sculptural dimension, reaffirming LOEWE's commitment to craft.

For a deeper dive into LOEWE's SS24 precollection, visit loewe.com.

TAEYONG drips in denim with a LOEWE tote in hand beneath an artistic sculpture.

About the Talents:

Dakota Fanning

A star from her youngest years, Dakota Fanning's range extends from early roles like "I Am Sam" to contemporary projects with Netflix, and cinematic gems like "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

Fei Fei Sun

Making history in the modeling world, Fei Fei Sun is known for her groundbreaking Vogue covers and a celebrated spot in the ‘Industry Icons’ list by models.com.

Greta Lee

From leading roles in films like "Past Lives" to renowned TV series, and her forthcoming venture in adapting Cathy Park Hong’s "Minor Feelings", Greta Lee's talent shines bright.

John O'Connor embodies country living in shades of blue and with a shoulder LOEWE bag.

Josh O’Connor

From his training days at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School to award-winning roles in "The Crown" and "God’s Own Country", Josh O’Connor's trajectory has been spectacular.

Maggie Smith

A legend with a career spanning numerous iconic roles, Maggie Smith's contributions to film and theatre are unparalleled, with awards and honors validating her genius.

Mike Faist

Emerging as a force in "West Side Story" and Broadway's "Dear Evan Hansen", Mike Faist continues to impress, with upcoming projects alongside industry greats.

Rachel Jones

A visual artist with a distinctive style, Rachel Jones has showcased her brilliance in various exhibitions, recently adding opera direction to her repertoire.


As LOEWE's Global Brand Ambassador and a prominent figure in K-pop, TAEYONG's musical journey with NCT and his solo ventures have charted monumental successes.