Loro Piana designs Juventus formal suits

January 10, 2023

Loro Piana announces the design of new uniforms for Juventus football players. During formal occasions of the current football season, the players will wear classic, elegant, bespoke suits based on two of Maison’s iconic models.

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An homage to Loro Piana’s inimitable refined and understated style, the single-breasted Torino jacket perfectly represents the brand’s design: constructed with traditional fine tailoring and fully lined, it hangs very naturally and has a melton undercollar and sophisticated details that lend it versatility.

The slim trouser has a classic line without pleats and is slightly form-fitting to move freely with the body. Both items are in exclusive Zelander® water-repellent wool fabric produced by Loro Piana’s wool mill, a good confirmation of the Masion’s pursuit of uncompromising quality and the best natural fibers in terms of performance, softness, and elasticity.

In addition to paying tribute to sporting talent, Loro Piana shares common values, tradition, and philosophy with the football club and continues the collaboration in the name of inclusiveness and a never-ending pursuit of innovation.