Loro Piana opens store in Meatpacking district

May 26, 2019

Loro Piana Open Walk & Summer Walk

Renowned Italian cashmere house, Loro Piana, opens its doors downtown in the Meatpacking district of New York for one month only. The opening celebrates many summer shoes from the brand under the theme: "The Rare Walk."

Loro Piana Meatpacking

The new store will open for a month before settling in the neighborhood later this year. The continued offering of summer staples includes the Summer Walk and the Open Walk for men and women. These shoes are constructed by hand from the softest calf skins available and are stitched together by hand in Italy, which makes for a glove-and-hand fit that you'll want to wear all summer long.

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The jewel-like store occupies a prominent corner location at 3, Ninth Avenue, destined to become a permanent downtown home for Loro Piana at the end of this year. It offers a space with color and surprise, including tactile displays and an entire multicolored, suede, made-to-measure wall. The downtown vibe inspires a multi-faceted mirrored space. In the store's heart is a tiny garden atrium celebrating Loro Piana’s reverence for living nature and referencing the fauna of the adjacent Highline. 

The ‘Rare Walk’ store will showcase the accessories that most proudly represent Loro Piana’s DNA in terms of quality of material, manufacturing technique, aesthetics, comfort, and performance, most notably the iconic white-soled shoes. These will be made-to-order for the first time in the USA, with a choice of colors, linings, material combinations, and, exceptionally, a dark sole. A new in-store personalization service will allow customers to add initials or special symbols on the soles or sides of the shoes. 

The myriad of other special editions includes the new Traveller men’s sneakers, which will be offered here as a worldwide exclusive for women, the feather-light 360 trainers crafted from super-fine Merino wool, cashmere Balat, and Aylit cashmere scarves, and a blue denim model of the Suitcase Stripe canvas bag. 

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Open and Summer Walk Shoes

The opening also marks the debut of an eponymous digital campaign dedicated to the Open and Summer Walk shoes. Photographed by young New Yorker Arielle Bobbs-Willis, chosen for her talent at portraying curious and spontaneous moments that surprise and intrigue, she has shot a modern tale of the Rare Walk in stills and film, depicting a technicolor world of elegance in motion, with the shoe as a hero. 

The Rare Walk

The ‘Rare Walk’ will extend one step further in its self-expression; revered US choreographer, David Parsons, has devised a unique, witty, and engaging short piece for eight dancers, exploring the notion of walking. This ‘Rare Walk’ will be performed at the Joyce Theatre in New York as part of Parson’s New York schedule and will be the subject of a short film, premiering on 17th May on Loro Piana’s own website and Instagram. Parsons is known for his dynamic, accessible style illustrating the idea that serious dance can be joyful, profound and fun." – Loro Piana

Store Location

Summer Walk
Open Walk
Summer Walk
Summer Walk
Summer Walk