Loro Piana Unveils the Autumn Winter 2023 Cocooning Collection

October 16, 2023

Loro Piana heralds the return of its Cocooning Collection for Autumn Winter 2023. This season stands out as the men's line makes its debut, combining comfort with forward-thinking design.

The Essence of the Collection

The Cocooning Collection elevates the concept of clothing, transforming traditional knitted undergarments into expressions of warmth and luxury. It's not just about looking good; wearing these garments is a sensory journey. The maison's ethos of exclusivity and unparalleled softness gives rise to designs that embrace the body with poised grace.

A Natural Palette

The collection is steeped in natural shades, underscoring the authenticity of luxury materials. Notably, Aircash—a lush cashmere yarn—and the newly introduced Cashmere Fleece, both promise an exquisite tactile experience. For women, detailed accents like raised stripes and textured stitches bring depth and dimension.

For Her & Him

Sofia Richie exuding elegance in the Cocooning Collection.

The women's offerings shine with autumnal burgundy, particularly evident in stretch wool jumpsuits paired with Baby Cashmere shrugs. The range traverses rich, creamy hues, from deluxe cashmere jersey shorts to bouclé Fuzzy Silk fiber styles.

Men have an equally compelling selection. The lineup boasts sweaters, pullovers, and trousers, either in Aircash or a blended medley of cotton, cashmere, and wool, marrying casual charm with polished aesthetics.

Patrick Schwarzenegger showcasing the Cocooning Collection. Dive deeper into his insights from a past interview we conducted four years ago.
Gavin Casalegno

Accessories to Covet

Accessories, from Aircash socks to the plush Cashfur home boots, mirror Loro Piana's dedication to tangible luxury. The standout Cashfur, a blend of prime cashmere and silk yarn, offers an opulent fur-like feel.

The Cocooning Experience

Loro Piana's unwavering allegiance to comfort shines throughout. Superior materials, artful designs, and a curated color palette assure both sophistication and timeless appeal.

Launch and Campaign

The Cocooning Collection's grand unveiling was championed in a mesmerizing campaign by photographer Alasdair McLellan and styled by Aleksandra Woroniecka. The visuals capture the joy of winter moments, all wrapped in the collection's embracing touch.

To mark this launch, Loro Piana hosted an exclusive soirée in Malibu. Guests indulged in a soul-soothing Sound Bath, followed by a fireside soirée and gourmet feast. The event saw luminaries like Matthieu Garnier, Sofia Richie Grainge, and, of course, Patrick Schwarzenegger.


Loro Piana's Autumn Winter 2023 Cocooning Collection beckons from select boutiques and their official website.