Loro Piana’s Spring/Summer 2024 Women’s Collection Embraces Japanese Elegance and Artisan Craftsmanship

September 27, 2023

Loro Piana unravels an exquisite women's collection for Spring Summer 2024, weaving of elegance with craftsmanship, deeply influenced by the artful grace of Japanese culture.

This season, Loro Piana explores cultural affinities with Japan. The collection is a journey into the mutual resonance of values and aesthetics shared between the brand and the rich Japanese culture, craftsmanship, and their profound connection to nature.

Collection's Aesthetic Essence

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant simplicity of Japanese attire, the collection breathes life into pieces marked by their flowing grace and elegant restraint: cashmere and quilted silk coats flaunt petit stand-up collars, collarless woven jackets tied in the front, alongside kimono-style jackets and round pants, and long printed dresses. The iconic Spagna jacket is reimagined in mini proportions, with outerwear brought to life in summer-inspired fabrics like linen, embodying neat and pristine tailoring.

Malleable Silhouettes & Rustic Charm:

Knitwear takes center stage, defining silhouettes that oscillate between rustic charm and demure elegance: envision jumpers paired with dramatically narrowed pants at the bottom, charming little capes, and shorts. The space between the body and the clothing, what the Japanese term as ‘ma’, brings forth forms that are expansive and tender, characterized by roominess and gentleness.

Journey through Textures & Colors

The collection begins with the muted hues and textural richness of Bamboo, progressing through the handwork beauty and ordinary-made-extraordinary of Shibusa, characterized by new textures and tweeds in earthy tones. It evolves into the delicacy and flowing shapes of Sakura, ending with the bold, gentle block prints of Kanji.

Fabric Innovation

Loro Piana has innovatively intertwined textures with color, introducing Denim Silk, a splendid blend of 60% denim and 40% silk, alongside a color palette blossoming in light notes of Sencha Green, Bamboo, Nougat, intermixed with deep tones of Black and Clay Teapot.

Quintessential Accessories

The collection also unveils Loom, a double handle tote reminiscent of a fabric’s drape across a loom’s bar, available in soft leathers and canvas with leather detailing. A varied array of bags, flats, thongs, sandals, hats, and knitted caps further complete the looks.

Loro Piana's Jewellery Debut

This season marks the birth of Loro Piana’s first collection of fashion jewellery. The intricate play of metal and leather across bracelets and necklaces adds the perfect decorative flourish to any silhouette, ensuring timeless styling and ease of wear.

Loro Piana’s Spring Summer 2024 Women’s Collection reflects a study on affinity and exploring new style possibilities. The collection is a dialogic expansion of horizons, an exploration of the unexpected, and a welcoming embrace of soulful perfection, evoking a sense of balance and harmony with the world we inhabit. Explore more at