Louis Vuitton women’s cruise 2022

June 15, 2021

Creative director of Louis Vuitton women's, Nicolas Ghesquière, updates the wardrobe for the modern Louis Vuitton woman at Axe Majeur in France. Against a utopian backdrop, Ghesquière channeled the conflation of architecture and its relationship to "nature, space, and time."

In harmony with the environment, the collection is a colorful and modern take on the language Ghesquière has instilled at Vuitton. Voluminous siloheuettes make a statement while retaining their bold yet carefree nature. Fun seems to be a mantra for Ghesquière. A blend of militaristic motifs envision a new take on what it means to be regal. Whimsical and free, the forty-two look collection is a concise yet poetic take on what Ghesquière describes as "the most beautiful of passports: creation."

Have a look at the full collection, below. Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.