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Louis Vuitton men’s fall winter 2020

Louis Vuitton men’s fall winter 2020

Louis Vuitton presents the Fall/Winter 2020 Men’s Campaign by Virgil Abloh, ‘Heaven on Earth.’ The campaign is rooted in the idea of Black Imagination, defined by Virgil as:

“The transformative process of rethinking and overturning the inherited and often unconscious expectations tied to Black identities through history, and creating an encouraging Black consciousness for the present and the future.”

Photographed by the instantly recognizable Tim Walker, the surrealist collection, which nods to surrealism through artists like the clouds of Belgian artist, René Margritte, is presented in gilded baroque frames and becomes the product, object, and subject all at once.

Applying his ongoing premise of Boyhood – seeing the world through the unspoiled eyes of a child – Abloh employs clouds as a symbol of freedom, unity and peace. Evading constraint, territory and possession, they are dreamlike bodies floating across a sky observed universally across borders and beliefs.

Inclusivity and unity are important initiatives for Abloh. The campaign features many young creative talents from across the arts including British actor Michael Ward and Ghanian model Ottawa Kwani.

See the full campaign below. Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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