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Louis Vuitton men’s fall winter 2022 in Bangkok

Louis Vuitton men’s fall winter 2022 in Bangkok

louis vuitton men's fall winter 2022 bangkok

Louis Vuitton showed the men’s fall winter 2022 collection for a second time in Bangkok, Thailand with nine never before seen looks. The heritage brand known for leisure and travel paid homage to Virgil Abloh with a stunning set design and show. The Louis Vuitton Dreamhouse, a surrealist landscape where creativity thrives took center stage. “It manifests in a physical but surrealist sphere where everything is circulated: the sun orbits the set as models travel in circular passages and instruments float planetarily in the dreamy ether.”

“We might go to India or Kansas or Cuba, but wherever we go the focus is youth: the stage in your life before you’ve been taught or programmed to do, think or wear certain things. And in that study, you realise that teenagers on opposite sides of the world are dealing with the same things. It reflflects the fact that, fundamentally, we are all one.”

–Virgil Abloh, June 2019.

Explore the full show in Bangkok, Thailand and its celebrity guests below, courtesy of Louis Vuitton.



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