Louis Vuitton men’s spring summer 2023

June 23, 2022

louis vuitton men's ss23

Louis Vuitton presents the men's spring summer 2023 collection – the first collection not designed by Virgil Abloh, however, it is deeply dedicated to his historic tenure at the brand. Imagination stays true to the heart of Louis Vuitton. Created by the Louis Vuitton Studio, the collection is an ever-evolving ecosystem of creative minds dedicated to creatorship, chartsmanship, and showmanship.

A parade for the mind

A magnified playground, a parade for the mind, French romanticism are a few of the themes that brought this season together. There are countless homages paid to Abloh – everything from the invitation to the immersive set design dedicated to imagination and the Parisian environment.

The soundtrack

A cinematic film titled Strange Math directed by Ephraim Asili opened the show. It explores the relationship between imagination and relaity which become central themes to the collection. The soundtrack is a combination of the score for the film, Enlightenment by the Sun Ra Arkestra and a live performing marching band.

The collection is dedicated this season to upcycling recycled material from overstock, not to mention recycled ideas which Abloh was a proponent of.

Through the lens of the Upcycling Ideology, work can be recycled, upcycled, and even reissued in its original form. Ideas – the very foundation of fashion – are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration, codes and values that continue to elucidate and expand our ethos.

The collection speaks for itself. Explore the full Louis Vuitton men's SS23 show, details, and backstage below, courtesy of Louis Vuitton.


Bloody Osiris, Dong Wan Gang, Tyga, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar...

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