Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 Show Launches in Shanghai: A Landmark in Fashion’s Global Journey

December 23, 2023

Louis Vuitton is redefining luxury fashion showcases with its "Louis Vuitton Voyager Shows," starting with the Women's Pre-Fall 2024 collection at Shanghai's Long Museum West Bund. This initiative represents the brand's commitment to global exploration in fashion, blending luxury with Shanghai's dynamic culture.

The Long Museum West Bund in Shanghai, a testament to architectural brilliance and cultural magnificence, soon to be graced by Louis Vuitton’s timeless fashion narrative.

Nicolas Ghesquière's artistic direction at the Long Museum, known for its architectural excellence, highlights a synergy between fashion and creativity. Following its success in Seoul, this Shanghai event continues Louis Vuitton's journey in connecting diverse cultures through luxury fashion. Discover more about Louis Vuitton's Pre-Fall 2024 Show in Shanghai here.