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Louis Vuitton Unveils New Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection

Louis Vuitton Unveils New Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection

Louis Vuitton introduces its newest Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection. Set to launch on Friday, August 18th, this collection marks a new chapter in the Maison’s iconic Blossom jewelry line. Drawing inspiration from the Monogram Flower, the Blossom Fine Jewelry collection marries bold design with versatility, celebrating individuality and self-expression.

A Legacy of Blossom

Building upon the success of the Idylle Blossom in 2012 and Color Blossom in 2016, Louis Vuitton introduces the Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection. This exceptional jewelry line is a creation of Francesca Amfitheatrof, the Artistic Director of Watches & Jewelry. With her visionary touch, the Blossom Collection breathes new life into the timeless Monogram Flower motif, captivating the essence of elegance and creativity.

Louis Vuitton Blossom’s Unique Design

True to its name, the Blossom collection expertly captures the Maison’s Monogram star-shaped Flower. The intricate openwork design dares to be both bold and organic, presenting new dimensions and sizes that embrace versatility and individuality. Simple, yet striking, Blossom effortlessly infuses audacious design into the heart of the Blossom collection, empowering wearers to celebrate their imagination and express themselves with confidence.

The Art of Self-Expression

Blossom Fine Jewelry features pieces that combine luxury with everyday wear. Adorned with diamonds or full pavé diamonds, these 18k rose gold and 18k white gold pieces are set to launch in August and October respectively. The collection boasts 11 exquisite pieces that range from delicately stackable rings and pendants to bold, statement-making oversized earrings and overlap hoops. The collection’s seamless blend of strength, graphic design, organic charm, and wearability opens the gateway to creating diverse looks for every mood and occasion.

Unlocking Imagination: Blossom’s Message

Louis Vuitton’s Blossom Fine Jewelry collection stands as an invitation to adorn yourself in the language of elegance, a tribute to the power of imagination, and a testimony to the beauty of self-expression. Discover this special collection on August 18th in stores and online at

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