Lourdes Unveils FW24 Collection: “United States of Whatever”

January 20, 2024

lourdes fw24 newyork

At Paris Fashion Week, New York label Lourdes, led by Creative Director Andreas Aserti, unveiled its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, "United States of Whatever." The collection provides a nuanced exploration of American identity and ethos, reflecting Aserti's contemplation on the evolving concept of the American dream.

Redefining American Dream

Aserti's vision for the collection addresses the shift in the American dream from a collective ideal to a more individualistic pursuit, encapsulating the complexities and internal conflicts of modern American identity.

A Bold and Unconventional Collection

"United States of Whatever" diverges from traditional fashion norms, featuring distinct elements such as sets crafted in leather, camouflage patterns, backless varsity jackets, and oversized shirts boldly proclaiming "Loser." This unique approach offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be American in today's society.

A Personal Touch from a Multicultural Background

Reflecting on his upbringing in Queens, New York, by Greek-Cypriot and Peruvian parents, Aserti infuses the collection with his personal experiences of hybridity and immigrant life. The label, named after his mother, embodies a deep exploration of diverse cultural references.

Lourdes' FW24 collection, showcased until January 23rd at the PFW Showroom, invites viewers to rethink American traditions through fashion, marrying bold innovation with a deep sense of identity. For more details and updates follow the rising label online.