Luar returns with a new campaign and popup shop shot in Marfa

August 4, 2022


New York fashion brand LUAR returns with a hit new digital bag campaign shot in Marfa, Texas, at the famous Prada Marfa installation by artists, Elmgreen & Dragset.

The LUAR digital bag campaign offers an orange pony hair version of the brand's popular Ana Bag and poses three questions.

What does mutation look like? Which realities are real and which are made? Returning from a form of pause, we naturally want to make up for lost time. How does one make time when it feels impossible? 

"By nesting within existing realities—installations, images, comments—LUAR wastes no time, world-building from scratch. Why scrap a perfect foundation? The campaign also acts as an announcement of a physical, one-day-only LUAR pop-up on Tuesday, August 9, at an undisclosed location in New York (address to be unveiled on LUAR's Instagram account the evening prior).

"LUAR's digital campaign hacks a form of reality with video special effects, editing itself into a YouTube video of Prada Marfa. Introduced with precise illusory activations, a series of short videos and images present LUAR's work and name in an illusion so seductive that the viewer believes it's real. By virtually inhabiting the hyperreal qualities of the Prada Marfa art installation, LUAR's pieces extract the dimensions, texture, and warmth of the real footage while retaining an alien sheen and of Prada Marfa's original thrust; into the metaphysical realm."