LuvAnthony is pushed down the runway in a glass box for Phenotype by The Radar at New York Fashion Week

February 22, 2023

Phenotype at The Radar NYFW

Art collective The Radar presents Phenotype, a fashion line created by Kase Fenley to protect consciousness and expand human potential. The show blended the lines between fashion dialogue, performance, and sharp social commentary at New York Fashion Week last month. TikTok sensation and previous Rain cover subject LuvAnthony participated.

LuvAnthony Phenotype The Radar
LuvAnthony is pushed down the runway in a glass box at Phenotype by The Radar NYFW

A message from Phenotype

Phenotype is a tribe that formed to protect creativity.

Several threats pose existential danger to our mind and many have fallen victim already to these potent, programmed ways of thinking already.

Our first goal is to get you to stop and think.

To restore the connection within your own mind, that has been conquered by impenetrable distractions from our phones. Many of these applications are engineered to exploit our biological dopamine reward system, you can see how many of us are fighting amongst each other for vanity metrics. 

It's our duty to illuminate this darkness, protect consciousness, and with this model, lead us to prosperity.

In order to do this, Phenotype will design & contribute tools that restore the following:
1. Our connection to each other
2. Our connection to nature
3. Our connection within ourselves

Photography by Anaya Ford.