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Exclusive Interview: LuvAnthony On His Love Affair With Fashion

May 23, 2022

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Anthony Reeves, better known as LuvAnthony on Instagram (4M) and TikTok (10M), has caught the eye of fashion. The Kentucky native is not only known for his viral videos but also his live and let live attitude and personal style.

Tuned into the latest trends, LuvAnthony talks to Rain about his relationship with fashion growing up in Kentucky. He would often get made fun of for his over the top style which inspired him to take risks. "That’s why I don’t mind wearing dresses or a skirt, or a tiny see through shirt," he tells Rain in our exclusive interview. His openminded approach to style has influenced millions to help feel more comfortable in expressing their own personal style.

No stranger to hateful comments, now online, LuvAnthony, continues to trailblaze and recently launched his own merch line, LuvLand, a sunny, colorful trippy and funkadelic world. The line is also unisex. LuvAnthony is also the boyfriend of another TikTok fashion starlet, Avani. The two recently celebrated two years together.

Rain catches up with Reeves in a sunny Prada editorial photographed by Carlos Darder and styled by Davey Sutton. Reeves talks about growing up in Kentucky, attending the SS22 Prada show in Milan, his new puppy, Baloo, and his iconic personal style.

Photography by Carlos Darder
Styling by Davey Sutton
Grooming by Joeri Rouffa
Interview and production by Mark Benjamin
Cover Art by Ryan Davi

LuvAnthony wears all clothing by PRADA SS22

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

Southern roots

Mark Benjamin: You grew up in Kentucky right? I’m from Texas. How was it like growing up in the south? How about moving to LA?

LuvAnthony: Yes, I grew up in good Ol’ Kentucky! I love Texas! Fun times there. Growing up in the south is nothing like growing up in LA. They're two completely different worlds.

Where I grew up, the fun we had was hunting, fishing, and riding four wheelers, which I still enjoy. It’s just nothing like LA. Almost anywhere you’re at in LA, you have somewhere new to eat, shop, and explore. There are so many great sight seeing places and art museums. There's more to explore and learn about out here. 

I see you got a new pup Baloo. Who’s into The Jungle Book you or Avani? 

Yes Baby Baloo. He’s the sweetest little guy. We both are into The Jungle Book! I was just trying to think of a B-name to go with my roommates dog, Buddy, and the song "The Bear Necessities" randomly popped into my head, so I figured it’d be a perfect fit to name him, Baloo

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

Where do you think your distinctive personal style comes from?

I’d say my personal style comes from a lot of things. I look up to a lot of designers and models and how they style themselves. Also, growing up in Kentucky where I'm from, everyone wore boots, jeans, and a flannel.

I didn’t dress like that, so I was often made fun of for it. Instead of letting it bother me, it made me want to wear more outgoing things. Things that would make them hate me or my clothes. That’s why I don’t mind wearing dresses or a skirt, or a tiny see through shirt. If anything, they made me more comfortable to wear anything! 

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

Arriving in fashion

When did you first start to take interest in fashion? What's one piece of yours you couldn’t live without? 

I’d say I started taking interest in fashion around Freshman year. It was more of a very Hypebeast, streetwear fashion sense at the start. That's because I was into reselling at the time. One piece I couldn’t live without would be my Golf Le Fleur Faux Fur flower coat. It was the first piece that made me want to get out of my comfort zone.

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

How was attending the Prada show in Milan? What was your favorite moment? What about the city of Milan? 

Attending the SS22 Prada show in Milan was amazing! My favorite moment was literally everything! It was my first ever fashion show that I’ve attended, so I enjoyed it a ton! Milan was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was kind and the food was delicious. Definitely one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to! 

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

Meeting Tyler the Creator

What are some of your favorite memories with your TikTok friends?

So many. Sway House was definitely some of my favorites with the all the sway boys. We’d ride down big hills on a tv with skateboards strapped to the bottom. We'd be up until four in the morning jumping into a pool off the roof of a three story house. So many random things like that, it was always such a blast! 

How was it meeting up with another style icon Tyler the Creator?

It was amazing! I’ve been listening to his music since 6th grade. "IFHY" was the first song I heard from Tyler and fell in love ever since. So, it was extremely cool meeting him. We didn’t talk a whole bunch, but he was super polite and kind. Dressed Fantastic as usual. Also, he was super kind enough to invite us to his pop up shop! 

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada


You just launched your merch line, LuvLand. Can you tell us about it? 

Yes! Super excited for it. It’s a merch line for now, but I want to make it so much more! I’ve been wanting to design and have my own clothing line for so long. Now, I have a great team with MOOX and my management who are helping me do so much. The first drop is more hippie vibes! Lots of colors and bright images. I want to make you feel like you're getting something from a hippie music festival! 

anthony reeeves luvanthony for rain in prada

Coast to coast

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset for sure. I don’t wake up early enough to see sunrise.

New York or LA?

I’m going have to say LA only because I live here. I have so many great friends and memories in LA. I'm blessed with so many great opportunities! I also love New York. The city is beautiful. I enjoy walking to places instead of having to uber since everything is generally closer there. There's a lot more modeling, making art, and designing in New York. I would definitely move there in the future. 

Sonic or knuckles?

Always gotta go with the boy, Sonic, but after watching Sonic the Hedgehog 2, I mess with Knuckles, too.

Obsessively listening to?
"Don’t Stop Me Now" by Queen 
"Going Up The Country" by Canned Heat
"The Shade" by Rex Orange County

Instagram: @luvanthony