Luxurious Unveiling: Givenchy’s Grand Opening at Ginza Six, Tokyo

August 31, 2023


The global spotlight recently turned to the luxury fashion house Givenchy as it unveiled its dazzling new store at Ginza Six, Tokyo. The momentous occasion, held on August 25th, 2023, was a defining moment for the brand, gathering esteemed guests, celebrities, and brand ambassadors for a night of extravagant celebration.


A Celestial Gathering of Creative Visionaries

The night unfolded as a star-studded affair, graced by a constellation of influential figures, among them Givenchy's Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams. Noteworthy luminaries including brand ambassador Nanao, alongside Rvota Katavose, Lala Takahashi, and other prominent personalities, lent an aura of sophistication and jubilation, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Embarking on Opulence: Inside the Givenchy Store

Imposing in its expanse, the Givenchy store at Ginza Six sprawls across an impressive 250 square meters, ranking among Japan's largest luxury retail spaces.

At the heart of its design are metallic LED screens, effortlessly captivating gazes. Complementing these screens are shelves adorned with transparent 4G logos, delivering a contemporary edge to the Givenchy aesthetic. Notably, this pioneering concept marks the inaugural integration of these elements within a Japanese store, an innovative stride that underscores Givenchy's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and luxury paradigms.

Art, Fashion, and Culture

Transcending the realms of typical retail, the store's design is a testament to Matthew M. Williams' distinctive vision. Drawing inspiration from the Creative Director's unique perspective, the store serves as a multifaceted canvas where architecture, sculpture, design, music, art, culture, and patrons harmoniously converge.

A collaboration with British artist Ewan Mactarlane has yielded captivating sculptures that defy convention. Positioned thoughtfully throughout the store, these art pieces infuse a provocative dimension into the space. This art installation bridges the realms of fashion and art, beckoning visitors to explore the junction between self-expression and profound experiences.

Immersive Luxury and Style

Beyond its captivating design and artistic embellishments, the Givenchy Ginza Six store offers of ready-to-wear collections and accessories for both men and women. Reflecting Givenchy's cutting-edge fashion, the store's product lineup includes everything from sharp tailoring to modern eveningwear.

Accessories form a treasure trove of iconic pieces. Among them are the much-sought-after handbags, small leather goods, and the illustrious Shark LOCK boots. Of special note, the new Voyou statement bag commands attention.

Visit the Enchanting Givenchy Ginza Six Store

Givenchy's novel store at Ginza Six is situated at 2F, 6 Chome 10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The store extends a warm welcome to visitors between 10:30 AM and 8:30 PM. Step into the Givenchy world where fashion, art, and innovation meet to create an extraordinary experience, an embodiment of Givenchy's enduring legacy.

Celebrity Guests