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Michael Kors spring summer 2020

Michael Kors spring summer 2020

The Michael Kors Collection has always been a difficult one to get our heads around. While some previous collections have missed the mark, something compelling began to emerge for Spring/Summer 2020.

Sporty lines and wardrobing recalling the early 2010s collections from Lanvin and Jil Sander walk but with a more commercial appeal. Preps, jocks, and goths mixed among the otherwise collegiate collection. While there were moments where we wondered, ‘why?’ like when Kaia Gerber walked in a boxy skirt-suit with a white belt cinched at the waist, we did applaud the rebellious overtones and relatable notion when Kors crossed out the word ‘HATE’ on a nautical sweater. Join the resistance.

Kors walks some really beautiful and simple silhouettes that sometimes go overlooked. This classic military coat for example won us over. It walked on renowned transgender model, Nathan Westling with a cable knit sweater and loose denim with an exaggerated cuff.

Transgender model Nathan Westling at Michael Kors SS2020

There were many moments through the collection like this. And with Gigi Hadid closing the show in a glimmering dress it’s hard to ignore the enduring magic of Michael Kors.

Runway images courtesy of Michael Kors. Backstage images exclusive for RAIN by Ashley Jahncke.

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