Maisie Wilen Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: An Ode to Angeleno Americana

September 12, 2023

Maisie Wilen's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection unfurls, weaving the nostalgic spirit of Angeleno Americana with the gritty essence of industrial craftsmanship. As the brand charts this unexplored terrain, it reshapes the narrative of timeless elegance in crisp daywear.

An Exploration of Textures

Reimagined fabric choices blend tradition with audacious innovation. Classic cotton and denim harmoniously interplay with Maisie Wilen's emblematic featherweight jersey and perforated knits. Through these fabrics, the brand sings tales of evolution and homage to American classics: cargo pants echo laid-back sophistication, button-ups find their voice with matching ties, and A-line skirts straddle between vintage charm and modern appeal.

Los Angeles: From Serenity to Showbiz

The prints unfold as a love letter to Los Angeles, juxtaposing its serene natural landscapes with the city's pulsating showbiz heart. The audacious integration of movie set materials—ethereal silicone sand, rustic plaster, and theatrical giant angel wings—sourced from local film vendors adds depth and texture.

Digitally Enhanced Craftsmanship

Maisie Wilen's genius lies in overlaying organic motifs like the warm wood grain and homely quilts digitally onto the collection's sleek silhouettes. This fusion pays homage to the industrial heart that pulses within American sportswear and the dynamic city of Los Angeles.

Awaiting the Lookbook's Grand Reveal

A compilation of 29 curated looks, the lookbook promises to be a visual anthology. Set against the backdrop of a contemporary industrial factory, it's more than a showcase—it's the embodiment of the collection's ethos. Fashion aficionados can mark their calendars for its digital unveiling during the iconic New York Fashion Week. @maisie_wilen