Maison Margiela resort 2022 ‘Avant-Premiere’

March 9, 2022

John Galliano presents the Maison Margiela resort 2022 collection, Avant-Première during Paris Fashion Week. The beautifully shot look book shows Galliano's versatile designs for resort. Translucent and opaque layering becomes a common theme throughout the collection...a trend we have noticed on many runways this season. There is a sense of effortless wardrobing and an easiness to the designs that contrast against Galliano's previous high octane collections for Marigela.

Galliano described the collection as, “playing with bourgeois tropes...making the informal formal, or vice-versa.”

Vogue further described the Maison Margiela resort 2022 collection as "a fantasy excursion into Dutch history and post-apocalyptic survivalism." These are themes Galliano has been interested in for some time now. With the events unfolding in geopolitics, fashion is once again becoming a mirror surface for our fast changing world.

Explore the full collection below, images courtesy of Maison Margiela.