MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS Ushers in a New Fashion Era at Milan’s Fall/Winter 2024/25 Week

February 22, 2024

A line of models wearing MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS designs strides down the runway at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024/2025. The collection showcases black, tailored pieces with elements of glamor and androgyny. A standout garment includes a dramatic, oversized hooded piece at the forefront.

In an era where the boundaries of fashion continually expand, MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS emerges as a beacon of innovation and elegance. Founded by the legendary artist Yoshiki, this high-fashion brand made an indelible mark at the Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024/2025, enchanting an audience of fashion aficionados and industry luminaries with its avant-garde debut.

Fashion Designer Yoshiki walks the runway at the Maison Yoshiki Paris Fashion Show during the Milan Fashion Week. (Photo by Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images)

A Symphony of Style and Innovation

The unveiling of MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS was a spectacle, blending Yoshiki's multifaceted creativity with the craftsmanship of a globally curated team. Esteemed fashion stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, alongside industry stalwarts Maida Gregori Boina, Odile Gilbert, and Kabuki, brought Yoshiki's sartorial visions to life, presenting a collection that transcends conventional fashion paradigms.

The Collection: A Tapestry of Artistry

With thirty-seven looks encompassing apparel, accessories, and footwear, MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS encapsulates a harmonious blend of glamor and androgyny, reflecting the brand's ethos of fluidity and inclusiveness. Each piece, a testament to Yoshiki's artistic legacy, is meticulously crafted, embodying the essence of haute couture with a contemporary edge.

An Ode to Sustainability and Heritage

Rooted in the principles of sustainability and ethical fashion, MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS is a tribute to Yoshiki's deep-seated values. Drawing inspiration from his childhood, surrounded by the luxury of kimono artistry, Yoshiki infuses traditional elegance with modern sensibilities, championing eco-responsible materials sourced from Italy and France.

The Milanese Revelation

Milan, with its rich tapestry of culture and history, served as the perfect backdrop for the brand's launch. The city's architectural marvels and vibrant art scene echo in the collection's aesthetic, mirroring Yoshiki's admiration for Milanese creativity and its influence on his designs.

Beyond Fashion: A Lifestyle Proposition

MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS extends its reach beyond attire, venturing into lifestyle products in collaboration with iconic French houses. A forthcoming collection with BACCARAT, featuring exquisite glassware, symbolizes the brand's commitment to integrating fashion with everyday elegance.

The Path Forward

As MAISON YOSHIKI PARIS strides into the future, it promises an expansion of its repertoire, exploring a diverse range of products while staying true to its core values of sustainability, innovation, and gender neutrality. The brand's vision, articulated through Yoshiki's creative genius, sets a new standard in the fashion industry, promising a journey filled with allure, craftsmanship, and groundbreaking designs.

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