Majorlilkween and Maliibu Miitch Unveil “Poison Ivy 2” Music Video: An Empowering Vision of Girl Power and Jersey Club Culture

September 1, 2023

Majorlilkween, the rising star in the music scene, premiers her latest music video, "Poison Ivy 2," a jersey club mix fused with her original single. This visual delight is a collaborative effort with Maliibu Miitch and DJ Tricks, promising to bring a refreshing blend of girl power infused with the new generation jersey club culture.

The "Poison Ivy 2" music video, directed by Alex Ljadov, captures Majorlilkween's inspiration from her years in NYC as a teenager and young adult. It draws from the colorful club kid and drag queen nightlife scene, which provided her with inspiration and comfort during her formative years. Majorlilkween admires the fearless "idgaf" attitude of the nightlife scene, where individuals freely embrace their authentic selves.

"Poison Ivy 2" Cover Art

The video is a celebration of self-expression and staying true to one's unique identity, no matter how unconventional it may seem. Majorlilkween's journey, from being picked on for her distinctive style to embracing her individuality, serves as a powerful message of empowerment and authenticity.

"Poison Ivy 2" is not just a music video; it's a vibrant mix of creativity, culture, and girl power.

Video Credits:

    • Director: Alex Ljadov
    • Creative Director: Alex Ljadov
    • Cinematography: Gabe Adalla & Modern Day Auteur
    • Edit: Alex Ljadov
    • VFX: slmfarro
    • Styling: Shara Frank
    • Makeup (Majorlilkween): Yap The MUA & Tia Rivers
    • Makeup (Maliibu Miitch): Tia Rivers
    • Hair: Veronica Gregory
    • Cast: Leigh, Abby, Titi, Taliya, Alexa, Shanelle, Britney, Yelly, Nova, Megan, Abby Kuskin, Payso, Colin, Sin

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