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MARINE SERRE Launches a Bold Mew Men’s Collection for AW24

MARINE SERRE Launches a Bold Mew Men’s Collection for AW24

In an epoch of sartorial reinvention, Marine Serre, a paragon of avant-garde fashion, embarks on a new sartorial journey. This season heralds a transition with the inauguration of distinct menswear and womenswear collections, crystallizing in the debut of Marine Serre’s first dedicated men’s line for Autumn/Winter 2024. Comprising 33 ensembles, this collection is full of everyday essentials, refined workwear silhouettes, and the emblematic Marine Serre aesthetic.

Collection Panorama

Marine Serre’s AW24 men’s collection is an embodiment of the maison’s visionary ethos. Interlacing elements reminiscent of hip-hop industrialism with everyday workwear, it crafts an array of multifaceted ensembles and sartorial uniforms. Unveiled in three thematic drops, each segment of the collection narrates a distinct sartorial tale.

Inaugural Drop: A Summer Soliloquy

Unveiling in June, the inaugural drop of the collection is a sartorial ode to summer. It features an array of aqua blue and earthy tones, encapsulating the essence of summer transitions. At the heart of this segment is the iconic uniform, reimagined in blue Moon denim.

The collection revels in the playful exploration of the Moon motif, with pieces in jacquard knit, transparent mesh, and printed silk. This drop encapsulates the ephemeral beauty of summer, with light pieces like upcycled linen shirts and floral djellabas, symbolizing a journey from urban landscapes to idyllic summer gatherings.

Second Drop: Versatile Daywear Elegance

Evolving with seamless grace, the second drop amalgamates holiday vibrance with pragmatic workwear. It unveils a collection characterized by regenerated denim, organic cotton canvas, and Moonogram embossed leather. This segment transitions into autumn, introducing resilient tan knitwear and the innovative Moon Airbrushed technique on luxury leather. Key additions include upcycled graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the debut of the STRIKE, a compact and sophisticated bowling bag.

Final Drop: Refined Business Sophistication

August welcomes the final chapter of the collection, redefining the Marine Serre uniform with an air of sophisticated professionalism. This segment features elegant poplin shirts, Moon Argyle knits, and timeless wool coats, paired with Moon diamond jacquard tailored pieces.

The introduction of a new, slender tie, available in a spectrum of colors, adds a touch of elegance. This chapter also embraces urban chic with elements like red moiré puffer coats and sporty black nylon tracksuits. Complementing these are the MS Rise TYKO sneakers, a new trail-inspired iteration available in earthy tones.

Marine Serre’s AW24 men’s collection marks a new epoch in the brand’s journey. With its interplay of everyday elegance, workwear sophistication, and signature avant-garde elements, this collection is poised to redefine the contours of menswear. For further details and to view the collection, visit MARINESERRE.COM.

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