Marni fall winter 2022

February 28, 2022

Marni presents the fall 2022 Volume 2 collection as part of Milan Fashion Week. Described as a collection about "courage, time and feelings, condensed in objects of affection that are kept, cherished, mended," the collection takes the talisman as protagonist. A talisman is essentially an object such as a stone or a ring that provides one good luck and good fortune.

Imagined as a collection of such objects mangled together as if they were "stolen from a museum, jumbled together."

"Big coats, big crombies, big jackets. Shrunken jackets. Shredded dresses, shredded shirts, shredded trousers. Mended jumpers, outsized jumpers, jumpers with sleeves dangling to the floor. Trousers falling off.

Sartorial suits are completely handmade by Attolini, capturing the emotion of tradition in the touch of the hand, defying mechanical reproduction. Like spectrograms, the words of Dan Colen and Lexie Smith bring a secret code within mending. Mending and stitching everywhere, making old things new, keeping them together with a gesture of affection. Spiky pumps, spiky boots, spiky bags."

Explore the full Marni fall 2022 collection below, images courtesy of Marni.