McQueen Reveals New Autumn Winter 2024 Campaign: A Love Letter to London’s Raw Energy

July 10, 2024

Seán McGirr's debut collection for McQueen invokes a sartorial revolution for the senses. The new Autumn Winter 2024 campaign, unveiled in a series of images and film and shot against the gritty backdrop of East London, is a visceral homage to the city's untamed spirit and the eclectic characters that give it life.

McGirr's vision for McQueen is a thrilling departure from the expected. The collection pulsates with an opulence that feels irresistibly modern. Tufted denim bursts at the seams, while razor-sharp suiting is adorned with shattered jet-stones – a nod to the city's ability to make beauty from chaos.

The iconic Sling bag, reimagined with hard metal T-bar buckles, epitomizes the collection's ethos of restraint and release. It's a tangible metaphor for London itself – cool to the touch, yet burning with potential energy.

London's Diversity Woven into Every Seam

"I want to bring that energy to life with the rigour and raw feeling that makes the city's air hum," McGirr reveals, and oh, how he delivers. The campaign's cast is a celebration of London's diversity, each model a character in the city's ongoing narrative of rebellion and reinvention.

From swaddling shearling coats that cocoon the body to tailored pieces embroidered with smashed chandelier crystals, the collection is a tactile exploration of London's contrasts. It's soft yet hard, polished yet raw – a sartorial representation of a city that refuses to be defined.

The New McQueen: Where Fashion Statement Meets The Poetic

McGirr’s McQueen is not for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who crave the sensuous pleasure of sumptuous shearling juxtaposed with the rugged edges of contemporary life. This collection transforms fashion into armor, meticulously crafted for the unpredictable whims of London and the cosmopolitan citizens who thrive within its dynamic pulse.

The Fringe loafer, with its restrained yet wild tendrils, and the Drop bag in gleaming silver metal are not mere accessories – they're statements of intent. This is fashion that doesn't just adorn; it transforms.

A New Chapter for McQueen Unfolds

As the fashion world watches Seán McGirr balance elements of McQueen’s heritage with modernity, his design philosophy becomes clearer with every visionary unfolding. McGirr declares that London's spirit of rebellion is alive and well, and that McQueen remains at the forefront of fashion's avant-garde.

With this Autumn Winter 2024 collection, McGirr is honing and perfecting his love language of style. One that speaks of power, poetry, and the enduring allure of a city that never stops reinventing itself. The message is clear: McQueen is back, and London's heartbeat has never sounded so enthralling.