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Meet Pip Millett, the musician that will move you

Meet Pip Millett, the musician that will move you

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us

Manchester-born, London-based, singer and songwriter, Pip Millett is a pure vocal and one of the UK’s brightest new talents. At just twenty-one years old, she has already received substantial attention for her powerful and emotional heart-to-heart lyrics. In her debut COLORS session Millett sings a delicate and melodic song, “Make Me Cry,” which we have had on repeat.

Recently, she released four new songs “Something Bout The Rain,” “Fancy,” “Contact,” and “Do Well,” which you can stream below. Perfectly balanced, they take the listener through introspection and positivity, bringing a new sound to the Neo-soul and R&B genres. In conversation with Léa Federmann, Pip discusses her music and experience in an exclusive interview feature for RAIN.

Photography by Wendy Huynh, styling by Léa Federmann.
Fashion assistant, Avery Krafka, hair by Zateesha Barbour, makeup by Kentaro Kondo.

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us
Dress by Gabrielle Venguer, necklace by Alighieri.

Léa Federmann: Can you please introduce and describe yourself in a few words.

Pip Millett: I’m twenty-one years old, born in Manchester. I’d describe myself as quiet, calm and stubborn.

What was the trigger that made you want to get into music and when / how did it begin?

I think I always loved the emotion involved in music. I was super shy as a kid and wasn’t very open with my feelings, and found music opened me up a bit. I loved my guitar teacher, and my English teacher, which definitely pushed my writing and desire to do music.

You’ve just had two headline shows in September: one in Manchester, your hometown, and the other one in London: how did it go and how do you feel about performing?

They went really well! I love performing but the lead up to the shows felt pretty stressful. I loved being on stage though.

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us
Top and skirt by Kristal Paniagua, earring by Maria Black, ring and bracelet by Alighieri.

You’re a singer but also a song-writer, lyrics seem to be the essence of your music. Is that the most important part for you? What’s your creative process like and how do you make the sound fit around your lyrics?

The lyrics are important but they’re not the most important. The lyrics are made stronger by the music behind it and the music stronger by the lyrics. I work with very talented producers, who luckily for me, usually get the vibe I’m after sound-wise.

You are transparent with your deepest feelings, evoking subjects like sadness, anxiety, and fear. There is also vulnerability in your songs. What kind of mindset do you like to be in when you’re writing?

I like to be past whatever feeling it is that I’m writing about. I find that my best writing is done when I’m looking back on a situation or feeling.

How does it make you feel to release and share music that has so much of your emotions and soul in it?

It can feel a bit scary to be honest. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a complete freak, but it’s also quite liberating knowing that I’ve put it all out there.

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us
Left: Shirt by John Lawrence Sullivan, jacket by Per Götesson, skirt by Gabrielle Venguer, jewelry by Alighieri. Right: Dress by Gabrielle Vengeur, necklace by Alighieri.

Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person?


It feels like music is a way to express yourself but also a way to get to know yourself. Where are you at in your self-discovery and spiritual journey?

It’s definitely a way to express myself and just helps me get my head around certain events in my life. I have no idea where I’m at in my self-discovery. My spiritual journey hasn’t begun; it’s not really my thing.

What have you learned about yourself so far?

I’ve learned that I know more about myself than I often think I do. That I’m not that bad at expressing my feelings; it’s just in a very specific way.

Meet Pip Millett, the Musician That Moved Us
Jacket by per Götesson, earring by Alighieri

What are daily things you do (or would like to do) that make you feel happy?

Making food, drinking coffee, putting on a face mask, washing my hair, and other boring shit usually makes me happy.

‘Do Well’ is your latest EP, produced by Josh Crocker. What is the message behind this video?

It was just fun.

I don’t want to put your music into any boxes. Could you describe it to us?

I would describe it as chill and soulful. I feel like I’m pretty chatty in my songs. I like to say a lot.

What would your dream world be like?

It’d have loads of dogs in it.

What makes your heart beat faster? And what’s your next plan to make our hearts beat faster?

Too much coffee. A new coffee line.

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