Meg Myers returns to music with a 5D rock hit, ‘HTIS’

March 24, 2022

meg Myers htis

Meg Myers is back with a new rock hit titled, 'HTIS.' The "Running Up That Hill" and "Desire" singer-songwriter has always marched to the beat of her own drum by creating her own sonic and visual universe. This new track is no different. 'HTIS' is an acronym for Hiding That I'm Sexual and comes at a moment of rock revival in music.

meg Myers htis
Meg Myers, 'HTIS' artwork

Meg says of the new song:

“HTIS was inspired by becoming more acquainted with my subconscious mind. It’s about taking off the mask, exposing the insecurities and imperfections, and allowing it all to be ok. HTIS is an acceptance of my inner child and a re-connection to my sexuality by reclaiming the purity of it for myself.”  — Meg Myers

Meg Myers

Furthermore, on May 6th, Meg will release a new single, "Children of Light II," before going on to release her 3rd studio album. Meg wants to, "acknowledge things that have been hidden so we can see through the illusions that we have all been deeply programmed to believe about ourselves, and our reality, so we can take our power back.” 

Finally, she goes on tour with My Chemical Romance later this fall. Stream the new single below.

Instagram: @megmyers