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MISBHV presents spring/summer 2019 in Warsaw. Founded by Warsaw-based designer Natalia Maczek, the label mixes and blends disparate elements of pop and sub cultures to form a uniquely distinctively post-Soviet aesthetic. Explore the full collection below.

“The end of World War II marked the beginning of a new period in the development of Polish poster art. Building sites throughout Poland were enclosed with wooden fences which were quickly covered with posters. These fences became the substitutes for the absent museums and galleries, and posters became the art of the street. During this time, at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, poster design flourished and a new branch of art emerged” – the Polish School of Posters.

For Spring-Summer 2019 Mens & Womenswear collection M I S B H V worked with Roslaw Szaybo, unearthing a series of prints from the designer’s archive that were applied to a broad range of garments and juxtaposed with an unlikely pairing – technical workwear inspired by the communist, pre-89 Poland.

A tale of two cities – Warszawa 1966 and Warszawa 2019, a tale of two periods and an unlikely migration of ideas with conservative tailoring, fine prints and muted polish colour palette contrasted with stone washed utility nylon and rodeo-ready cowboy boots – a nod to the beauty that emerges with aging and use. M I S B H V staples – lightweight nylon taking cues from the early -00s, workwear referencing reflectives and signature monogram – feature throughout the show, creating a visual, social and stylistic conversation within the collection.

Production by Warsaw Creatives
Hair by Sandra Kpodonou
Make-up by Monika Pondo using MAC cosmetics
Styling by Ondine Azoulay
Casting by Anna Jozwiak

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