Molly Goddard spring summer 2023

September 19, 2022


Molly Goddard shows the spring summer 2023 collection as part of London Fashion Week. See the full collection below.

"I was thinking about red carpets pre-internet. These are images I love and often go to for inspiration, dressing felt more for the party and for yourself. Much more casual, laid back. No step and repeat and no posing. People looked like they were out to have fun.

Charles James is always a source of inspiration, he strove for perfection which isn’t something I’m interested in but more the exploration of creating shapes on the body, changing proportions of the body — that element inspired this season, pushing fabrics to their extremes, utilizing the qualities of each fabric and letting it do the work. There is juxtaposition in the fabric choices, intricately cut evening dresses in cotton, ball gowns in jersey.

I wanted the staging of the show to feel like a break from relentless scrolling, the experience of watching in person is different to seeing it online — slower, messier, more spacious."