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Moncler Genius – Pierpaolo Picciolo

Moncler Genius – Pierpaolo Picciolo

Moncler Pierpaolo Picciolo – Moncler Genius

In pursuit of hieratic purism, Pierpaolo Piccioli created graphic shapes that are as mystic as they are futuristic. His Medieval Madonnas seen through space-age lenses merge form with essence, which for Pierpaolo is the very definition of purity. Pierpaolo stripped the classic duvet to the bare essence. A-line silhouettes ooze a couture feel while keeping the sense of functionality which is a Moncler pillar. The collection encompasses zip-up hooded capes, both long and short, and skirts, complete with padded duvet spats and padded duvet gloves. Functionality is idealized to an nth: Pierpaolo worked solely with Moncler’s basic down filled nylon, further highlighting the idea of reducing garments to the essence. Pieces become the building blocks of high-impact graphic looks. The sum of elements is highlighted by the contrast of saturated colors. Items come in a pictorial palette of ivory, black, amethyst, imperial yellow, bright green, orange, red and cherry red. Hues are meant to be mixed rather than matched. To highlight the sense of angelic spirituality, Pierpaolo worked with monk and artist Sidival Fila, who created the abstract and angelic canvases for the installation.


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