Morgan Riddle and Lottie NYC Serve Up Tennis-Themed Luxury Jewelry Collection

September 2, 2023

On August 25, 2023, Nolita, New York, became the epicenter of fashion and luxury as Morgan Riddle joined forces with the renowned jewelry brand, Lottie NYC, for an exclusive pop-up event. This remarkable collaboration, aptly named "Morgan x Lottie," not only celebrated the essence of the U.S. Open but also showcased a stunning tennis-themed jewelry collection that left attendees awestruck.

Morgan x Lottie celebrates the U.S. Open and latest fine jewelry collection

The Event: A Grand Slam Celebration

The event itself was a resounding success, featuring signature cocktails, delectable treats, and generous gifting, all set against the backdrop of Nolita's chic ambiance. It was a gathering of fashion enthusiasts, tennis aficionados, and jewelry connoisseurs, united by their love for the sport and craftsmanship.

The Collection: Elegance Meets Sport

At the heart of the celebration were two exquisite pieces: a tennis bracelet and necklace. These pieces, part of the "Morgan x Lottie NYC" collection, seamlessly blend the artistry of tennis with the sophistication of fine jewelry. Crafted with attention to detail, both the bracelet and necklace boast 18k gold plating over a sterling silver band, elevating them to the realm of luxury. A freshwater pearl adds a touch of elegance, making them versatile accessories suitable for any occasion.

Whether you find yourself courtside at a tennis match or simply embracing an athleisure-inspired look, these pieces are designed to enhance your style game. The collection is exclusively available on Lottie NYC's website, granting tennis enthusiasts and fashion aficionados the opportunity to own a unique piece from this exceptional collaboration.

In a joint statement, Morgan Riddle and the founders of Lottie NYC, Morgan and Charlotte, conveyed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. They emphasized, "The 'Morgan x Lottie NYC' collection is a tribute to the U.S. Open and a reflection of our shared passion for both tennis and luxury craftsmanship."

This partnership between Morgan Riddle and Lottie NYC has not only added a touch of elegance to the world of tennis but has also created an enduring legacy in the realm of fashion and fine jewelry. With each piece from this collection, individuals can carry a piece of this exciting collaboration with them, celebrating the timeless union of sport and sophistication.