Mr P. Debuts Exclusive Collaborations with Houdini and Diemme for MR PORTER’s Annual “Go Out” Series

October 22, 2023


On October 20th, Mr P. revealed exciting collaborations with two major brands, Houdini and Diemme, as part of MR PORTER's celebrated annual Go Out series. These partnerships have culminated in exclusive capsule collections that effortlessly blend style, performance, and a commitment to men’s health initiatives.

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Mr. P's Exclusive Footwear Collaborative Collection in Action, Where Style Meets Adventure.

Championing Outdoor Adventure and Men’s Health

The much-anticipated collections with Swedish outdoor innovator Houdini and Italian performance footwear maestro Diemme showcase an impressive commitment to quality and outdoor adventure. The initiative goes beyond fashion, raising awareness, funds, and community engagement for the pivotal MR PORTER Health In Mind program, powered by Movember.

Sales from these exclusive collections will support vital men's mental and physical health initiatives, emphasizing the need for proactive health strategies and the value of the great outdoors in fostering well-being.

Nature's Call: Gearing Up in the Mr. P Collaborative Collection for the Next Adventure.

Spotlight on Sustainability and Style: The Mr P. x Houdini Collection

The Mr P. x Houdini line introduces seven ready-to-wear items, each a statement of style and sustainability. Notable pieces include a striking red insulation jacket made from recycled polyester, a versatile sea-blue shell anorak, and adaptable grey softshell trousers. The collection extends to include four merino wool items, perfect for layering in outdoor excursions.

In a nod to environmental responsibility, the collection champions sustainable materials, featuring recycled polyester and certified merino wool, underscoring both brands' dedication to eco-conscious practices in fashion.

Bold Craftsmanship: The Mr. P x Diemme Burgundy Boots, Where Rugged Meets Refined.

Celebrating Iconic Footwear: The Mr P. x Diemme Collection

Footwear takes a front seat in the Mr P. collaboration with Diemme, spotlighting three styles of the brand’s iconic hiking boots, including the special edition Roccia Vet in black and bourdeaux, and the Roccia Basso boots in an earthy brown tone. Custom touches such as the Mr P. embossed logo and exclusive orange accents make these boots a standout addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe.

A Commitment Beyond Fashion

The collaborations are part of a broader narrative, extending their influence beyond sartorial statements. As Mr Olie Arnold, Style Director at MR PORTER, notes, the partnership with Houdini and Diemme is particularly meaningful as it resonates with Mr P.’s core values of quality, artisanal craftsmanship, and conscientious material sourcing.

The Go Out campaign, emphasized further by MR PORTER’s Content Director Mr Rob Nowill, spotlights the critical role of relationships in mental health. This year, the initiative pays special attention to father-son dynamics, advocating for positive male role models and highlighting the transformative conversations driven by MR PORTER Health In Mind and Movember.

Ongoing Advocacy and Future Endeavors

MR PORTER’s efforts in men's health advocacy continue to expand, using its platform to promote wellness and the power of human connections. The campaign's reach extends into engaging content, including a feature with British sports presenter Ed Leigh and his son, illustrating the campaign's themes in real-world contexts.

These collections, while offering consumers quality and style, also serve a higher purpose, funding crucial health initiatives and inspiring meaningful change. They remind us that fashion, at its best, can be a powerful force for positive action in the world.