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MR PORTER Collaborates with TOM FORD for an Exclusive Autumn 2023 Capsule Collection

MR PORTER Collaborates with TOM FORD for an Exclusive Autumn 2023 Capsule Collection


On October 23rd, 2023, MR PORTER, the premier destination for men’s fashion, unveiled its newest collaboration with global luxury powerhouse, TOM FORD. Together, they present an exclusive capsule collection tailored for autumn 2023, combining TOM FORD’s signature elevated modern menswear approach with MR PORTER’s discerning aesthetic.

“MR PORTER x TOM FORD: The Autumn 2023 Capsule Collection – Where Timeless Luxury Meets Iconic London Vibes.

Echoing the 60s Vibrancy

Drawing inspiration from London’s iconic mod and punk era of the 1960s, the collection employs a sophisticated monochromatic palette. Enhanced by timeless English fabrications like flannel, puppytooth, and herringbone, it captures the essence of a bygone era while ensuring contemporary appeal.

Collection Highlights

Spanning 43 exquisite pieces, the capsule encompasses 36 ready-to-wear items, three pairs of shoes, three ties, and a standout scarf. Notable among these are the black leather and shearling peacoats, shearling collar flight jacket, psychedelic swirl tuxedo jackets, the gingham blazer, and the luxurious mohair silk roll neck knitwear.

Echoes of the 60s: The MR PORTER x TOM FORD Autumn 2023 Collection brings mod and punk inspirations to modern luxury.

Words from the Insiders Mr. Daniel Todd, Buying Director at MR PORTER, conveyed his excitement, stating, “This collaboration with TOM FORD marks a significant milestone. Drawing parallels with our inaugural TOM FORD acquisition in 2015, it further solidifies the camaraderie between our brands. The collection, with its sharp tailoring echoing Tom Ford’s iconic style, encapsulates a distinct cool factor our customers have come to love.”

Spotlighting the Collection

In a bid to showcase this exclusive collection, MR PORTER is launching a comprehensive global campaign across its marketing and editorial realms, ensuring fashion aficionados worldwide get a glimpse of this unique collaboration.

About the Titans

Since its inception in 2011, MR PORTER has stood as a beacon for men’s style, offering a curated collection from over 500 globally renowned brands. Meanwhile, TOM FORD, birthed in 2005 by the legendary Tom Ford himself, continues to redefine the boundaries of luxury and modern-day glamour, especially with the recent induction of Peter Hawkings as its Creative Director in 2023.

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